Sam Black

Investigation Manager




You pick the day, the time, and the location you wish us to start for you. I will then per your direction send one of my professional surveillance team to that location, provide surveillance as to everything the investigative subject does, and report it all back to you.  We’ll take photos and/or video of everything we possibly can while maintaining our anonymity.  We’ll NEVER work your case without your direction.  You’re the decision maker.


The hourly rate for service is 125 per as discussed

We never charge additional for mileage, photos, video, or extra at night or on the weekends. 

One simple price throughout the investigation

the most asked questions

How long does it normally take? The time involved to obtain your answers will be regulated to the person we’re monitoring.  Their actions will always dictate the results.

Is this all confidential? Of course it is. We’ll maintain ours and your anonymity throughout the investigation.

What about getting their text messages , social media, or phone records? Unfortunately such an action would require a court subpoena which are generally only for criminal matters. Be careful what you see and read on the internet.

Will you take pictures? Absolutely, we’ll take photo’s and/or video of everything we can, and provide those to you on an ongoing basis.

How do I get my information? Once you become an official client, you’ll be provided some special phone numbers, and a sheet explaining our contact structure. We’ll update you on results ongoing as the case is worked.  

How much advance notice do you need? This can vary from day to day based on the location of the surveillance site, the time of day, and prior scheduled cases. We work together. You do your best, and we’ll always do ours.

Ready to go?

Below you’ll see our online information form.  All you need to do is fill in those blanks.  At the bottom you’re going to see a button you need to click that says “SUBMIT YOUR FORM NOW” You will then be forwarded to our online agreement forms. Pick the fee you wish and sign.  Give our team approximately 15 minutes during normal business hours to review your form with any questions we have. We’ll send you a confirmation email upon receiving everything, to which you can respond with any photos you would like to get into the file. After which the file will be created, and we can speak about a time you wish us to commence the investigation!  Doesn’t get much easier!